Why does breastfeeding mama talk exist and what is our mission?

Kristy Kemp

~I’m Kristy I’m 26 years old and I have a beautiful 3 year old son and I may have created the breastfeeding/mama talk facebook page over a year ago September 14th, 2012 to be exact, but it got to where it is today because of all the dedicated woman on the team.

What made me want to start the page at all was because breastfeeding seemed to be the topic that I was the most passionate about and I would go on all these mommy pages and only wanted to talk about breastfeeding and how wonderful it is or on the other side of it which is my passion for defending a woman’s right to do so however, wherever, and for however long she chooses. So I thought why not start my OWN page somewhere I could post whatever I wanted and be some sort of support system for all these woman something I was not lucky enough to have. I only lasted three short months and the closest I have ever got to breastfeeding in public was in my car and yes the bathroom. If I knew then what I know now I feel it could have went much differently and that was my goal was to maybe change someones bad experience into a great one. People don’t realize that with breastfeeding it’s more than just how much milk can I produce, what nursing bra is best, what kind of pump works best. That is just the little details. It takes a good support system (most of the time) to breastfeed and keep at it long-term. So that is what I was going for just a place for all us woman to get together, ask questions, post pics, share vents or brags.

I imagined maybe it would get about 500 followers IF that and that was perfectly acceptable for me. I never cared about how many followers the page would get. The purpose was to support anyone who needed it and of course the more the merrier. Well in time people just kept coming more questions, more pictures, and more support. People from all over the world were coming together and it amazed me. I never thought the subject of breastfeeding would attract so many people. I didn’t realize then just how crucial this support was I knew it was important but didn’t realize just how much until a few months into running the page.

Well about 7 months ago facebook kept banning me off my account and removing breastfeeding pics I was livid because we always post according to facebook policy. Well I was encouraged by my followers to call my local news station. Honestly my adrenaline had to be going strong because I actually went ahead and called. Not something I ever imagined myself doing. Well when I was told she would take it up with their producer I thought, “okay whatever I tried I won’t be getting a call back.” And if it did pick up I thought maybe they would do a 20 second segment just explaining the incident and showing the screen shots. Well 30 minutes later I get a knock at my front door. A million thoughts are going through my head, “could this really be happening? Am I dreaming?” Well I’m not usually someone that likes being in the spotlight but breastfeeding support is near and dear to me so I wouldn’t have stayed true to my cause if I turned down an opportunity to speak out about it. I was the voice of millions of woman in those very moments. The next day it went viral I was in even more disbelief and a couple of days later another reporter shows up unannounced. After that people started flocking to the page like crazy and it brought some amazing people to my team.

Well expanding our cause into something more than just a facebook page was never anything that we planned. It sort of just came to me. I feel like not expanding our cause would be a waste of an amazing opportunity to reach out to more people beyond facebook land. The woman that I have helping me are definitely the heart of the page and I don’t think it would be where it’s at without their enthusiasm, passion, and of course their time.

I could go on and on so hopefully that gives you just a little insight on the roots of why the page even exists and how it got to be to where it is today.

So buckle up and join us in our fight to normalize breastfeeding and in supporting woman from all over the world with their journey to mommy-hood.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi –
    We are hosting a special event screening of the film BREASTMILK at DOC NYC, New York’s documentary film festival, on Sat Nov 16 and Tues Nov 19th. I was wondering if you think it might be of interest to your members? Depending on the size of your email list, we may be able to offer a group discount as we’d love to have an engaged group in attendance. The film’s director, Dana Ben-Ari, and executive producer Ricki Lake are expected to attend.


    Here’s the info about the film:

    Bypassing the breastmilk vs. formula debate, Dana Ben-Ari’s film instead looks at the practical, societal, and biological realities faced by women who choose to breastfeed. Why are so few nursing mothers able to breastfeed exclusively? What has made a natural biological act into a taboo public activity? Where can an adoptive mother turn if she wants the benefits of breastmilk for her child? With candor and humor, mothers and other experts discuss the challenges, misconceptions and fears around mother’s milk.

    • 4:30 PM, Sat. Nov. 16, 2013 – SVA
    • 11:30 AM, Tue. Nov. 19, 2013 – IFC Center

    Note: We’ve designated the Tuesday late morning encore as a “Mommy and Me” event to enable moms to attend with their children.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thank you,

  2. Can you PLEASE post this for me??? I have a beautiful 4 month old who is breast fed. My supply is great and I have over 400 ounces saved in a deep freezer. Part of that started in a smaller freezer than moved over. However when I do take one out to thaw for daddy on the rare occasion I am away from him (I work from home) the milk smells stale and taste sour. Not drastically but enough to where I’m concerned to give it to him. Hubby says it’s just freezer smell.
    However the baby hates bottles. Any bottle. Will usually drink an ounce say ” screw it” and go it sleep when I am away. And I’m thinking maybe this is why. I even pulled out the most recent one frozen and compared the smell to the one in 8/2013. Is my frozen milk bad? Fresh pumped still has a unique smell. But he is health 16 pounds when born at 6 pounds. Advice please before I attempt to give him any more!!! -Leslie

  3. Hi Kristy,

    I need help to breastfeed my baby. My 17 day old baby is not latching on my breast. I have good supply of milk but my baby doesn’t like my breast. Is there any help you can provide me?

    Thank you,

  4. So glad I found your blog! I have been following you on Facebook. I just started my second blog about a week ago. I had started my first one seven years ago, but so much has changed since then. I am still working on getting my blog seen and any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am also working on writing a piece for my blog about my breastfeeding journey and finding your blog has really inspired me to do so. Have a great day!! Keep sharing!

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