How VocabularySpellingCity Helped My Son Pass His Spelling Tests…

When it comes to math my seven year old is at the top of his class, but when it comes to spelling and reading he definitely needs a little more help in that area. After failing his spelling test for the third week in a row, I knew we had to do something about this.
We tried flash cards. We looked into tutors. We tried some word apps, but nothing seemed to really click with him or hold his interest.  Then we stumbled upon VocabularySpellingCity and that is what changed word study time into word fun time.
When you first enter their website you will see their home page. They allow you to sample their site before signing up. Which I loved because I hate spending all that time signing up for something I may not like . I encourage you to sign up though because I know you won’t be disappointed and all new members get a 14 day free trial so that you can see all that their website is capable of before paying any money.
Okay, so once I was all signed up I created my first spelling list. Yes! You get to use your own words you want them to learn and VocabularySpellingCity automatically does all the hard work and incorporates them into their games! You click on “List Management” and then “Create List.” It gives you the option to add one to five words , but I suggest adding all five so that they will be able to use all of their games as some of their games require a five word list to play them.

Then off you go to play their games. Here is a screen grab of what the Learning activity’s and games page looks like.


One of my sons favorite game is the “Aim 2 Spell.” It’s a cat sitting in the middle of the tunnel and it has to grab the correct letter as they go by. You may think, “Well how is that gonna help my kid learn to spell words?” That is what I thought as well until he got 12 out of 15 words correct on his spelling test last week! After failing his tests for three weeks in a row it was huge progress and I have a feeling that his spelling will progress as time goes on!

How their program helps them learn the words is repetition. Seeing the words, hearing the words, putting the words together. Just as you would with flash cards or writing them over and over again except their program is one kids will actually want to do which means more focusing and being more present.

I am forever grateful to VocabularySpellingCity for existing because I was ready to fork out $200 or more a month on a tutor ! So I feel like their price of $35 for the YEAR is a steal if you ask me. When I told VocabularySpellingCity about my experience and that I run a community they were so thrilled that they wanted to offer the BFMT community a 10% off code for a limited time ! SWEET! You can grab the code on the Facebook Post.  They also asked if I would be willing to share about my experience with all of you!

Disclaimer- I received compensation in exchange for sharing my experience with SpellingCity . Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.


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