2016-2021 guide for Surviving Facebook

*Utilize the features at your disposal. Such as, unfriending people that really don’t matter to you either way. You can go as far as blocking them while you’re at it.
*Relatives or close friends you love , but can’t tolerate their ignorance, hypocrisy, hate, bigoted views, etc.. but you just can’t bring yourself to remove them? Simply go to their profile and select the “unfollow” option. That should make it to where their annoying posts never make their way in your personal newsfeed.
*Have that one friend who seems to make it their mission to refute everything you post, but never seems to add anything positive or of worth to your threads? Simple! On posts where you want to have a productive discussion and just aren’t in the mood for their shit you will select the box right under your name before submitting your post. Options will appear. Select “friends except” and choose the person or people in which you don’t want to hear from. Make your post and it will be as if you never posted it as far as they’re concerned. You can even simplify it for next time and put those people in a list labelled – “Annoyance Begone” & for future posts You just have to select your list without having to individually click on each person. You can even add to your annoyance Begone list later on if other friends start to annoy you.
*Let’s say you make a comment on someone’s post that turns into a full blown shit show and as much as you want to stop engaging those notifications keep pulling you back and you later regret even commenting, but you sure as hell do not want to delete your contribution to the thread. You will need to click on the little arrow next to the post and select the “Turn off notifications” option which should stop you from receiving notifications back to the post. There are some exceptions, such as, if they were to tag you back to the post which could get annoying. Nicely ask the person to stop and if they don’t refer to step one of this guide for how to put an abrupt stop to it.
*Did a page you follow post something annoying or a stance that completely differs from yours,but 99% of the time you like seeing posts from said page in your newsfeed? Simple! Select the arrow next to the post and select “hide post” the post will disappear right in front of your eyes , like magic! (Works for posts by personal friends as well) Way more efficient than let’s say engaging on such a post only to ensure you’re exposed to it that much more. And also way less dramatic then unliking the page all together and posting a goodbye speech people will just laugh at anyway because 9 times out of 10 the page or the people on it couldn’t care less.
*Lastly and probably most efficient step of all that many people cannot bring themselves to do. Log off Facebook, read a book, eat some cheese, wine works too, although I’m not sure there is enough wine in the world to get through the next four years, but the good news is if you live in California, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Florida, Arkansas, you can simply legally smoke your way through these next four years. I am positive that this guide will help make Facebook a little less annoying and a little more tolerable for you. If not , I suggest moving back to Myspace.


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