I’m a Certified Boobologist


Certified Boobologist. That’s what my husband jokingly calls me.  I’m actually a Certified Lactation Counselor.  That means that I am trained to assist breastfeeding mothers & babies.  I have been volunteering at my local Baby Cafe for the past 5 and a half years doing just that.

When people hear what I do, the reactions are pretty predictable, depending on who I’m talking to.  I get the inappropriate jokes from some men about how they could qualify for that credential, ha, ha, ha.  (Men, stop it.  It’s not funny.) I get supportive comments.  I get instant discomfort from some who are left with an obvious loss for words.  Then there are the defensive women, worrying that their significant other will be looking at a breastfeeding mother’s breasts. (FYI, as my husband says, if your significant other is looking at a breast with a baby attached to it and is aroused…

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