13 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Breastmilk


Liquid Gold AKA breastmilk is so amazing to me because the possibilities are endless! In this blog I will list some of the fun things you can do with your breastmilk! Feel free to share some of your fun ideas too!

1.) Breastmilk Lotion-

All you need is Microwave safe dish, 3.5 oz Grape seed oil, 1 tbs Beeswax, 3 oz Breast milk, Essential oil of your choice (optional), and voila you got The Breast Lotion! Full recipe (Click here)

2.) Breastmilk Soap-

What better way to get all the healing properties breastmilk offers then to bathe in it? Great recipe found here!

3.) Breastmilk Ringpop-

4.) Frozen Breastmilk in Mesh bag-

5.) Breastmilk Popcycle-

We don’t give sugar, so breastmilk Popcycles it is. Kids love them.

6.) Breastmilk Chapstick-

This may seem weird, but I clean/boil/sanitize my empty chapstik containers and fill them with BM, freeze them & whip them out to rub on my kids ouchies to help heal them.

7.) Donate your extra breastmilk-

So moms are fortunate enough to make an oversupply of breastmilk. Why not use that extra milk and donate to babies in need? It’s such a huge deal and there is ALWAYS gonna be a need for human milk. 

8.) Medicinal purposes- There are so many ways you can use breastmilk to cure whatever you have going on! From the common cold to baby Acne! Check out a lot of the different uses below! 

9.) Squirt it at people-

Okay haha, this is more of a joke , rather than an actual purpose, but I have heard plenty of moms talk about how they squirt their friends or husband from across the room. 

10.) Breastmilk Icecream-

You can make homemade icecream with your breastmilk! Did you know they are selling breastmilk icecream to the general public?! See how to make it here…

11.) Breastmilk Jewelry – 

Breast milk jewelry is jewelry made of a mother’s breast milk as a keepsake often worn by the mother in various jewelry types such as rings, lockets, pendants and popular European style beads.

12.) Breastmilk Bath- 

Does baby have a rash or sores? What about cradle cap?  There is no safer, natural way to help soothe and clean baby at the same time then a breastmilk bath! Just pour a few ounces of breastmilk in fresh bath water! 

13.) Breastmilk Smoothie- 

This mama had breastmilk that was about to expire that she wouldn’t have been able to use up in time so she made super smoothies! Blueberries, Bananas, yogurt, and two ounces of the good stuff!


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