Six Things About Breastfeeding That Sucks!

By: Kristy Kemp


Breastfeeding is beautiful, healthy, comforting, but lets be real, there are some parts to breastfeeding that suck, no pun intended. This list should work as a great reminder to all the breastfeeding mamas, to realize how much they go through to ensure their baby gets the best nutrition possible. I have to say despite the hard parts, it’s definitely worth it!

1.) Engorged Boobs.
Waking up to gigantic boobs isn’t always the greatest. They are hard, sometimes sore, and the letdown is strong, so sometimes I have to hand express some milk before feeding my baby or he’d drown in my milk. It’s also not fun not being able to fit in my bras and when my boobs go back to regular size, my shirts stay stretched out, not a good look. People say, “Oh, but it’s like you have a free boob job flaunt those boobies!” Ummm, I’m a sleep deprived mom, with a baby attached 24/7, and oh just the little fact that they are full of milk, and they spring leaks all throughout the day, oh yeah I feel soooo sexy, give me a break!

2.) Lopsided Boobs.
Yeah talk about a confidence drainer. My left boob is a D Cup while my right is a B Cup, so not a good look. My boobs are literally winking at people, not cool man.

3.) Mastitis.
Let me just say this, I wouldn’t wish Mastitis on my worst enemy! The swelling, the pain, chills, it’s miserable. Mastitis is not pretty and not fun and can really bring a mama down. I contemplated giving up completely a few times because I couldn’t really function as a human being, much less a mom.

4.) Leaky Boobs.
Why oh why do they gotta leak? Why can’t the milk just stay contained inside my boobs? It’s as if the boobs like to play a cruel sick joke to remind you that you have milk even when you’re not even with your baby. Oh yeah , just a random baby crying at the grocery store and it’s like Mount Saint Helen.

5.) Getting Your Nipples Bit.
Yes, every once in a while baby likes to use you as a chew toy. You don’t get any warning either. It’s like suck, suck, suck, CHOMP!!!! So not right. It’s like he wants to make sure I’m still alive or something.

6.) Breastfeeding discrimination.
No one ever thinks that they would be harassed or asked to leave a public place because of the way they feed their child, but it happens a lot and it’s so wrong on so many levels. How anyone could find anything offensive over a mom feeding her child is unthinkable! I wish I didn’t even have to include this on my list , but it’s a big part of breastfeeding, unfortunately, and it truly sucks.


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