8 Reasons Why You Are Crazy For Sexualizing Breastfeeding…


By: Kristy Kemp

The purpose of a breast is to produce milk and feed our offspring. It has always been that way, is that way, and will always be that way.

Yet nowadays when someone sees a breast or thinks of boobs it isn’t the fact they can produce liquid gold that goes through people’s minds. It’s Cup size, how firm they are , how perky they are, how good the cleavage looks in a shirt, and viewing them as sexual objects. Big corporations with the “sex sells” philosophies perpetuating the sexualization of boobs. Now I’m not saying boobs can’t be or aren’t supposed to be sexual. I’m saying if you want to view them as sexual objects do not let that overshadow what their true purpose is. If you look at boobs more in the sexual sense than in their biological sense that is fine too. This isn’t about condemning those who like seeing boobs or using their boobs in a sexual manner. This is about letting people know that when they mix sexual in with biological you have a recipe for disaster, That’s when people like me need to spread reminders to people about what the true purpose of a woman’s breast is for. Society has sexualized boobs so much that now people look down on moms who choose to use their breasts for their biological purpose.

Your kid might be breastfed when…

Posted by Breastfeeding Mama Talk on Thursday, January 7, 2016

1.) I mean, I know some people like to include food in their sexual endeavors, but the act of eating food is in no way sexual. When a baby is breastfeeding a baby is eating, just like you and I would eat a hamburger. If seeing someone eat is what turns you on , whatever floats your boat , I’m not here to judge whatever gets you rocks off, but if seeing a baby eats turns you on, you have some serious problems and you may need to get your head checked out. You are also a danger to society.

2.) If you associate anything sexual with breastfeeding, let me ask you this, if you saw a cow nursing her calf would anything sexual come to mind? Would you see it as pornography? If you say no, you’re a hypocrite and if you say yes, then you truly are a disturbed individual, just keep in mind Beastiality is illegal so be careful with that.

3.) Does anything sexual come to mind when you see bottle feeding? Then the same should apply when you see breastfeeding. Bottle feeding and breastfeeding share the exact same concept. Stop with the double standards. If it helps any, just imagine the act of bottle feeding when you see breastfeeding, it will take you right back down to reality.

4.) Breastfeeding is about survival, not sex.

5.) A child pretending to breastfeed is no different than a child pretending to bottle feed. If a child was breastfed or is breastfeeding and if the child sees their sibling breastfeed, it only makes sense that their feeding method they make believe would be breastfeeding. For pornography to come to your mind when you see a child imitating the act of breastfeeding, is so off track and completely disturbing. Breastfeeding is not sexual therefore and child imitating it is not sexual. Stop sexualizing children or at least stop admitting to it because I’m pretty sure admitting to sexual thoughts about children is frowned upon by the law.

6.) I know a ton of people who have foot fetishes. Meaning the sight of feet turn them on sexually, no kidding. So I guess allowing our children to wear sandals or lets get crazy, and let them walk barefoot, that would be considered pornography too according to some people’s mindsets. Just because you view something sexually that doesn’t make it so. So anyone who sees anything sexual about breastfeeding they better never allow their kids to play footsies either!

7.) If sexual thoughts come to mind when you see breastfeeding you are selfish. It means you are putting your preference for boobs before a baby’s need & right to eat. How would you like it if someone said, “Ew porn!!!” Every time you took a bite of your sandwich? Babies have the same right to eat their food without negative implications the same as you do and breastfeeding moms have every right to feed their babies the same way moms who feed with bottles do.

8.) If you don’t have a problem with kids seeing the Victoria Secret ad at the mall , but you take issue with them seeing breastfeeding then you got it twisted. We live in a “sex sells” world there is sexual implications all over the place that children are exposed to and no one bats a damn eye, but see a breastfeeding mom and we lose our minds. It’s backwards thinking and it also makes you a bit crazy.

If you relate anything sexual to anything related to breastfeeding, you are delusional, disturbed, crazy individual. Breastfeeding and sex are not even words that we should be using in the same sentence , let alone associating them with each other. Breasts can be sexual, breastfeeding can never be sexual. Learn it, Live it. Love it.

Times that makes it okay to associate sex with Breastfeeding-


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