14 Clues You Might Be A Breastfeeding Mom


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By: Kristy Kemp 


1.) Soaked through stained shirts

2.) Lopsided boobs

3.) You have so many people who have offered to help you with the baby, but you can’t accept their help, even though you want to because baby refuses to eat anything, but milk out of your boobs. 

4.) You cry over spilled milk


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5.) You eat a lot and you crave more foods than when you were pregnant. 

6.) You always have a water bottle near by. 

7.) You may have answered the door and unintentionally flashed the UPS man your boob. 

8.) Get stared out whenever you feed your baby in public.

9.) Enjoying some “me time” finally and suddenly you hear a baby crying and your boobs are all, “Go go gadget milk!”


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10.) You suggest breastmilk is the cure for every cut, sore, rash, pink eye, and whatever else happens to go wrong, breastmilk is the cure all.


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11.) You randomly touch your boobs whether in the privacy of your home or at the grocery store. 

12.) You get your nose picked, scratched, pinched, slapped, bit, and that is just another regular feeding for you. 

13.) You have gone to bed as a C Cup and woke up as a double D !

14.) You have had at least one picture of you feeding your baby, you posted to a social media account reported as nudity.


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