Seven Contradictory Statements Made About Breastfeeding…


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Over the years I have heard people contradict themselves. Basically say one thing, but really mean another. From admitting that they know breastfeeding is the best option for baby, but when they reach the ripe age of one all of a sudden it changes and mom should wean immediately. How can you in one breath say you know breastmilk is the most beneficial, but then take it back as soon as the child has a birthday? I have listed seven statements people make that contradict each other.

1.) “You really should breastfeed, breast is best you know… “
Mom chooses to breastfeed and she is a year strong!
“You’re still breastfeeding? Shouldn’t you consider weaning by now?”

2.) “Breastfeed how you’re most comfortable.”
Mom breastfeeds proudly with no cover and no shame.
“Well I meant breastfeed how you’re most comfortable, but at least use a cover.”   

3.) “That’s great that you breastfeed on demand!”
Mom breastfeeds on demand. Mom breastfeeds when baby needs comfort. Mom breastfeeds whenever baby wants.
“Is that baby always attached to that boob? He can’t be that hungry all the time. Is your supply okay?”


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4.) “That’s great that breastfeeding relaxes your baby!”
Mom breastfeeds her baby to sleep..
“You really shouldn’t breastfeed your baby to sleep that is a bad habit that’s gonna be hard to break later on.” 

5.) “Just because you’re a breastfeeding mom you still deserve a night out to unwind!”
Mom enjoys a beer on her night out because she is well informed that you can safely consume alcohol as a breastfeeding mom.
“Oh my goodness I hope that was a non alcoholic beer you just drank! Don’t want all that to go to baby.”

6.) “Have you considered pumping so you can let others HELP YOU with the feedings and give you a break?
Mom tries to pump, but it causes her too much pain and she wasn’t getting enough out with the pump.
“Wow you’re selfish so you take over all the feedings? What about if dad or others wanted to help with the feedings? I don’t think that’s right!”

7.) “You’re worried about your milk supply? Maybe look into some lactation boosters or something..”
Mom continues to offer breast , skin to skin, Nursing Time Tea, & Bessie’s Best: Lactation Cookies and works really hard to maintain exclusively breastfeeding!
“You really should supplement with formula if you think you’re not producing enough milk.”

No matter what choices you make as a breastfeeding mom someone will judge you, criticize you, belittle you, & tell you that you’re wrong. Only you and baby know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t ever allow anyone to make you doubt your ability to nourish your child. 


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