Milkies Milky Freeze Review

By: Allie Pollman 

The Milkies Freeze is great for mothers creating a freezer stash using bags. It can hold and organize up to 60 ounces. The great part about the milk storage unit is that it freezes the bags of milk flat so that if you need to make room, the bags can easily be stored in other compartments of the freezer and stay together nicely. The tray on top of the Milkies Freeze helps freeze the milk bags quickly and shaped to be properly stored in the unit. This product makes it easy to find bagged milk quickly. All you do is pull from the bottom of the unit to retrieve the older milk first so that you can ensure the oldest milk is used first. The box has instructions to follow for milk thawing and tips for using the product.

I love this Milkies Freeze. It was always hard for me to find a good surface in the freezer to flatten out milk bags for storage. I especially like how quickly the tray on top freezes the milk. My husband was always grabbing the newest milk first when thawing bottles for baby. Now he has an easy time getting the milk that needs to be used first. We had bags scattered all over the freezer prior to this product. Now my milk is all in one place and easy to find. I had to exclusively pump for a couple weeks when my premie contracted RSV. The Milkies Freeze helped me through all that pumping. With all the stress of that situation, it was nice to not have to worry about my milk storage situation. I highly recommend this product to all mamas that pump even occasionally.

You can find the Milkies Freeze over at !!! 


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