Officer Threatens To Site Breastfeeding Mom For Indecent Exposure


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You wouldn’t think something as natural as feeding your baby would cause such upset, but unfortunately some people are offended by the sight of it. Luckily there are laws in place which grants moms the legal protection to breastfeed in public. Unfortunately, some people, even Police Officers, are not aware of this. 

Rosalyn Mizzell, from Omaha, Nebraska was approached by a police officer and the officer threatened to site her with indecent exposure, but Rosalyn did not comply because she was well aware of her legal right to breastfeed. 

“Police are the ones who are supposed to know what the laws are, and they’re supposed to uphold the law,” she said. “It’s their job to protect my legal right to breastfeed, not to shame me for doing that.”

 The Omaha Police Department issued a statement saying that officers were required to follow-up after the complaint: “As for claims or allegations of inappropriate behavior by officers, we recommend Ms. Mizzell file a formal complaint with the department so we can investigate her claims.”

Mizzell told the news station that she plans to do just that—and she will continue to breastfeed in public.


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