The Places You’ll Feed…


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I have discovered a fabulous book by Lauren Hirshfield Belden, mom of two, that combines two aspects of parenthood that some parents know very well — breastfeeding and Dr. Seuss. “I had joked many times with friends that someone needed write about all the crazy lengths we go to in order to feed our babies,” Belden told The Huffington Post. “I guess all that talk ended up on the page.” Keep scrolling for a look at The Places You’ll Feed, currently for sale on Amazon.

The Places You’ll Feed! is a refreshingly honest and hilarious children’s book parody designed to bring a humorous dose of reality to the perils and pleasures of feeding a new baby. Inspired by author Lauren Hirshfield Belden’s own daunting experience feeding her first daughter, the entertaining verses and unique illustrations truly capture both the familiar and rarely spoken about trials and tribulations of breastfeeding, pumping, and simply getting your little one to eat. Finally, a book that dares to speak the truth about what can be a very humbling experience for many, many moms – and in a style guaranteed to make readers laugh. A book that ultimately celebrates mothers and pays tribute to all the hard work that can go into nursing a new baby.


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