12 Mommy Confessions You Should Read…


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You would be surprised at what mommies will confess when they can let loose anonymously. I started a new thing on my website where anyone can send in their Mommy Confession anonymously to get whatever they need to off their chest. To my surprise, there has already been hundreds of confessions sent in! Since I can’t list them all one by one I figured I would take my favorites and list them all here below! Let me know if you can relate to any of these and feel free to send in your own Mommy Confession.. (HERE) 

#1.) “I go to the bathroom & say I have to poop and scroll on my phone for like 7 minutes, then flush the toilet and spray the air freshener. Sometimes I fake belly aches and do this a few times a day. Oops.”

#2.) “ I’ll get up in the middle of the night to watch new episodes of our favorite show before I watch it with my husband. He thinks the first time I see it is with him, but the kids are always interrupting and who gets up to tend to them??? Me. Sometimes I just want to watch in peace and actually hear the whole show!”

#3.) “Our daughter’s are in two different day cares, so I act like I have a million things to do in the morning so my husband will drop our 21 month old off on his way to work that way I only have to deal with the easier 2 month old. After he leaves I relax and enjoy some coffee and quiet time before I actually have to get ready for work!”

#4.) “Sometimes if I’m tired, but can’t sleep, I wake up my son and nurse him. I go right to sleep and so does he. Breastfeeding win.”

#5.) “Now it’s my turn to be stay at home parent and I don’t think I can live up to my husband. Plus living with 5 other people I feel like I’m always being watched and silently judged. I’m just so tired.”

#6.) “When I’m pumping I will sometimes pretend I’m right in the middle of an incredibly wonderful and long letdown in order to get my husband to change the poop diaper I just heard my kid load up. My husband’s fear of me leaking milk all over the house is a great way for me to take a break! “

#7.) “There are times people want to hold my daughter, I don’t want to be rude and tell them no so I let them try… my heart smiles when she cries and reaches for me.”

#8.) “I can no longer sleep without my child in my arms, but I never realize it until I have a chance to nap alone and I just lay there feeling empty and how much I’d rather lay on the edge of the bed while my kid takes up the rest of it.”


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#9.) “ I love my husband I really do. But every time my daughter bites while nursing he laughs and tells me I’m being a sissy. The only thing I want is for her to chomp down on him with her seven teeth and see how he likes it..”

#10.) “I’m a stay at home mom (for now) but I am so ready to go back to school and get my degree. Everyone says enjoy this time, Which makes me think well obviously, I have a great kid how can I not enjoy it?! BUT I am so ready for adult conversations that have nothing to do with kids!”

#11.) “I see all these mommies saying they never really leave their babies & it makes me feel like a terrible mother. I’m leaving my little one for 2 days… It makes me feel bad about myself.”

#12.) “Some days I don’t like my daughter or the fact that I chose to breastfeed.”

Maybe you can relate to some of these, maybe you can relate to all, or maybe you don’t relate to any of them, but every mom has something to confess. Don’t feel guilty for having these thoughts. We’re mommies, but more than that we are human. Taking care of these little lives every single day can sometimes take it’s tool on a person. That doesn’t make you horrible it makes you normal! It’s good to let out these confessions sometimes because then you can see how many mamas share your thoughts and you can know that you are not alone! Feel free to confess in the comments or do so through our Mommy Confessions page anonymously. 


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