The BFMT Mission Statement


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~We are trying to get rid of the negative stigma that surrounds breastfeeding. To show how beneficial breastfeeding is not only for the mother, but of course to baby as well. To normalize it AGAIN like it was back in the day. To stand up for breastfeeding mothers ALL OVER THE WORLD in their right to breastfeed however, wherever, and for however long she chooses. 

*Breastfeeding is something I will defend until I’m 6 feet under. There is absolutely NOTHING anyone can say that would make me stop FULLY supporting breastfeeding and mothers right to do so covered OR uncovered in public. There is also nothing that would ever make me recant my stance on a woman’s right to choose how long she would like to breastfeed. So please do not waste your time trying. The WHO recommends breastfeeding until 2 years of age OR BEYOND. No where does it say breastfeeding past a certain age will cause any harm to the child. Also breastmilk doesn’t stop being beneficial just because a kid has a birthday. And that is just another goal of BFMT is to show people that breastfeeding past age two is not a crime and is not disgusting. It’s actually a very beautiful act a mother could continue to do for her child. 

~We also want to show that just because we are PRO breastfeed doesn’t mean we think someone is terrible because they didn’t. We want to be able to post pro breastfeed things without people who didn’t or couldn’t breastfeed getting offended. We’re not here to judge you. I created this page and I quit breastfeeding my son after 3 months and no I didn’t go the donor route I went straight to formula so if that doesn’t show how unbiased this page is then I don’t know what would. I shouldn’t have to tiptoe around posting facts about breastfeeding or pro breastfeed ads in fear that I may offend someone who didn’t or couldn’t breastfeed. 


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*I get irritated when someone makes a post about something breastfeeding and someone says, “I know it’s best, but I couldn’t and I shouldn’t be put down for it.” How is a factual post being made in ANYWAY putting a mother down for how SHE feeds her kid? People take an IN GENERAL post and make it personal. I mean, I understand if the post said something like, “How dare you not even try to breastfeed, knowing it’s the most beneficial for your baby? How selfish are you?” Okay, THAT example would be an attack and a judgement and that is something you will never hear from myself or one of the admins. Please know the difference between an actual fact and an attack. It will make your life a whole lot easier and ours too!

~I mean if it’s something you need to do to make yourself feel better when you hear about all the benefits and you feel like you need to explain why you didn’t/couldn’t that’s fine we support that! I have come to learn that people who don’t breastfeed need just as much support as breastfeeding mothers, but what gets on my nerves is the defensiveness and justifications there is nothing to have to defend or justify. We are not here to put people down our #1 priority is getting the wonderful word out about breastfeeding, educating, supporting, normalizing, and answering questions, that’s it! And to post some funny memes and comics from time to time. So please you need not worry about this page placing judgement on you because we couldn’t careless how YOU chose to feed your baby. 

~We also have a strong passion to inform on all parenting topics as well such as, but not limited to- Baby Led Weaning, Baby Wearing, Extended Rear Facing, Bed-sharing, Gentle parenting approaches, gentle discipline, Etc… We post our informative articles to inform, not to insult or put down other parenting methods. We care about the health and well being of mamas and babies and we aren’t driven by money like the formula companies and some doctors. So please don’t take offense to our articles if it differs from your parental belief. 

*Please note and remember that Not only do we support a woman’s right to breastfeed however, whenever, and for however long she chooses we also support a woman’s right to choose WHAT she feeds her baby. So even though this page is very PRO-breastfeed we’re also PRO NO judgment on the parental decisions people make.

~I hope this reassures that we are not here to hate, judge, or bash woman who didn’t breastfeed. I’m the page CREATOR/OWNER and my son drinks formula hasn’t had a drop of breastmilk since he was almost 4 months old! 

So how much more reassurance do you need that were not here to put down people?


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