I Pledge To SUPPORT Breastfeeding Moms #idtNBF


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Show your support and “Like” Normalizebreastfeeding.org on facebook too!

I have made it my life’s mission to pledge my support to moms who nurse/pump whenever necessary, to nourish their baby, toddler, or child with breastmilk as often as possible until they are ready to stop. So I love being able to support normalizebreastfeeding.org current fundraiser asking for people to pledge their support too. 

As stated on the event page- (Which everyone is free to join!)

β€œOn 6/27/15, the Mayor of San Diego – Kevin Faulconer, will Proclaim the first International Day to Normalize Breastfeeding and our theme for this year is “Take the Pledge to #NormalizeBfing.” We are sharing this proclamation with major cities all around the world and need the support of all of the breastfeeding pages and groups here on Facebook! I have, personally, spent countless hours over the past year photographing, creating groups around the world, blogging to support breastfeeding families, and now you can watch my LIVE podcast on YouTube on Friday/Saturday mornings!”

View the proclamation here

A little after I made this video I had something cool happen while wearing the pledge shirt. A cashier at the grocery store saw my shirt and asked me to hold still so she could read it. She started choking up in the middle of my order and said, “Where were you when I needed you years ago?” I said, “What do you mean hun?” She had went on for a few minutes about how she breastfed her kid until she turned one and that she had a hard experience and was given a hard time for her feeding choices. She thanked me for my support to breastfeeding and walked over to me and hugged me. It was a powerful moment that would not have happened had I not been wearing this shirt. Which is why I have worn this shirt five times already in the week and a half since I have had it. I would wear it more, but I have to wash it every now and then ha ha! I love being able to do my part in normalizing breastfeeding in public and since I’m not currently breastfeeding wearing this shirt is my way of showing my support and standing up for public breastfeeding. 


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