Genius Parenting Hacks


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What really defines someone as “The perfect Parent?” I don’t think there is one right or wrong way to do things. I have found some amazing Parenting hacks and included all my favorites that I think will  be really useful in everyday parenting life. If you have a genius parenting hack that was not included feel free to comment below! 

1.) Turn a Coffee cup lid into a drip catcher.

2.) Baby Shower Cap! No more water in baby’s eyes,nose, & mouth!


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3.) Use a fitted sheet over a playpen to provide shade and protection from mosquitoes & other bugs.

4.) Do you leak a lot of Milk? Invest in a Milk Saver and put that milk to good use ! 

5.) Disguise utensils into an airplane.

6.) Freeze your milk in perfect one ounce sticks that fits perfectly in any size baby bottle!

7.) Use an empty wipe container to store baby washcloths. 

8.) Use an over-sized blow up pool as a safe play area.

9.) Use an old plastic bottle to make washing hands easier for your tiny humans. 


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10.) Homemade Bubble blower using a plastic water bottle. Makes fun over-sized bubbles!

11.) Store pacifiers in to go sauce containers. 


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