9 Reasons Why I Don’t Use A Cover When I Breastfeed.

I recently wrote a blog about moms who choose to cover are not wrong for doing so. I think this blog was way overdue. People see all the controversy surrounding public breastfeeding and I hear many people say, “Just wear a cover it will solve everything.” first off, are those people that blind to the problem? Moms who cover receive criticism and discrimination as well and second it’s not as easy as that.

Reason #1- Because we like to gaze into each other’s eyes and bond. We can’t do that if something is covering his eyes.

Reason #2- Because it’s hot, uncomfortable, dark, & I wouldn’t want to eat under a blanket, so why expect my baby to?

Reason #3- Because I think it draws more attention to me when I use a cover and I feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Reason #4- It’s an oxymoron because my baby fights it off the whole time I’m having to put it back on him, focusing more on the blanket itself which causes a nip slip.

Reason #5- Because it’s my lawful right to breastfeed how I choose and I choose to not use a cover. Just like you can choose not to look.

Reason #6- Because I hope a new mom or mom to be sees me and it inspires her to want to breastfeed in public as well.

Reason #7- Because breastfeeding is normal and I don’t feel like I have to hide it.

Reason #8- Because I don’t feel like lugging a blanket around with me everywhere. I have a hard enough time remembering my own head some days.

Reason #9- Because I use the two Shirt Method and to me that is covering.


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