Five Reasons Celebrities Can Help Normalize Breastfeeding!


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People wonder why I get excited every time a new celebrity breastfeeding selfie hits the web. I get excited because it’s just another way to normalize breastfeeding. Do I think breastfeeding celebrities are better than normal everyday moms? Absolutely not! Celebrities are just more known and in the public eye and in our fight to normalize breastfeeding we need it to be talked about, we need people to see it more, and we need people who are loved and respected to openly support it. I have listed five reasons why I think celebrities can help normalize breastfeeding. 

1.) Celebrities are in the public eye. So when they breastfeed they in turn put breastfeeding in the public eye. More people are “exposed” to breastfeeding which means more people see breastfeeding until they see it so much it just becomes normal to them. 

2.) Celebrities are loved and respected. Most celebrities have a loyal fan base and following. When someone sees their favorite star breastfeeding it makes them respect breastfeeding and in turn support it when they may not have before. 

3.) Even celebrities receive negative backlash for breastfeeding in public. When celebrities post breastfeeding pictures of themselves while they might receive a lot of support and praise they also receive negative comments. I think when moms see that even celebrities receive negative backlash maybe it will empower them not to care as much when they receive negative backlash themselves. 

4.) Most celebrities are role models. When moms see their favorite star breastfeeding it may inspire them to breastfeed as well. Many moms are nervous about returning to work and breastfeeding. I think  seeing someone with such a demanding work schedule being able to pull off breastfeeding as well may give them the confidence boost they need to try themselves. 


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5.) Moms with breastfeeding support breastfeed longer. What better person to support them breastfeeding than their favorite celebrity? When a celebrity openly supports breastfeeding more moms will feel that support too which may give them the validation or reassurance they needed to continue on breastfeeding or feel comfortable doing so in public.

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