It’s Okay To Dislike Breastfeeding Sometimes!

If your nursling seems to be focused on your hair and face while nursing I recommend wearing a Nursing/Teething necklace from The Vintage Honey Shop!! In this video it will show you how the nursling is no longer trying to pinch and poke at mama, but instead grabbing and playing with the Necklace!

Maybe you’re having supply issues and you feel devastated and it discourages you to continue on. Don’t give up mama that is when you need support the most! 

Sometimes it sucks when you have to pick out outfits out based on how easy you can nurse in them. Sometimes the milk stained stretched out shirt look gets old. I feel you on that. It’s definitely okay to dislike your breastfeeding wardrobe. 

Nevertheless please do not keep your struggles inside or feel like you shouldn’t talk about them because that is when you need support the most! Moms who get support breastfeed longer!



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