Struggling with low milk supply? Read about this giveaway then!

I’m excited about this giveaway coming up! Who doesn’t like talking about delicious treats? I have been talking with Jennifer (founder of Bessie’s Best: Lactation Cookies) for a little over a month now and through our messages I can tell what a great heart she has and is very down to earth, just like her goodies. She makes the best lactation cookies at an affordable price. They are oatmeal based cookies with flax seed and brewers yeast as the active ingredients. Her packaging may seem simple, but that is done on purpose because literally everything is 100% recyclable, so she has that green thumb as well.


Let’s face it, not all of us nursing mamas have been blessed with a huge milk supply so some of us need help boosting our milk supply. Jennifer knows all about this, because she herself struggled and had supply issues. That is where her lactation cookies took control of that issue and for her was a Godsend for her breastfeeding experience. Her goal isn’t to get rich off of selling these cookies she has a passion for breastfeeding just like I do and just wants to share her cookies with mama’s who need a little help with milk supply. Since she herself faced that very struggle with maybe not getting as much milk in as she would have liked she understands the frustration and just wants to help!

She has sent samples to two of my volunteers to test them out. One of the girls just got her batch a few days ago and she said the taste was INCREDIBLE! Johna normally pumps around 6 ounces in one sitting and a couple of days of eating Bessie’s Best: Lactation Cookies her supply went up three more ounces! Now every woman is different with how their body will react so results definitely will vary. But really ANY increase in supply whether it’s six more ounces or two is a blessing. I will be doing another blog to give a full review of her goodies once Christina (the other BFMT volunteer) has a chance to give me her feedback, so stay tuned for that.


My breastfeeding Mama Talk volunteer Johna trying Bessie’s Best lactation cookies for the first time!

 Okay now let’s get to the fun part! Do you want a chance to get these delicious cookies for yourself? I mean who doesn’t love FREE? Well Jennifer is giving my Breastfeeding Mama Talk members, three to be exact a chance to win TWO DOZEN of her delicious lactation cookies. It’s simple, click here right now to get to Bessie’s Best: Lactation Cookies facebook page and like it, click here to get to Breastfeeding Mama Talks facebook page and like it, that’s it! Now for a chance to earn extra entries although not mandatory, follow Breastfeeding Mama Talks Twitter, Pinterest, and Blog. She will cover shipping to anyone that lives in the US or U.S. military bases around the world. If we have a winner who is not domestic she only asks that they help supplement some of the shipping, otherwise everyone is welcome to enter! The giveaway officially starts 12/22/13 through 1/2/14. Clicking here will take you straight to the official entry form, and that is where you will need to enter to confirm your entries.

Here is some of the feedback I spotted on her facebook page:







Even A popular well known facebook page Breast is Best had nothing but good things to say about her cookies. 



Seems like all the feedback I have seen has been nothing but good things. She is just one little person in this world trying her best to make a BIG difference in lactating mamas lives. I applaud her for her entrepreneurship and The Breastfeeding Mama Talk organization is so thrilled to be hosting this giveaway for her!

Kristy Kemp (Creator of Breastfeeding Mama Talk)

Bessie’s Best: Lactation Cookies facebook page, now go like it!

Breastfeeding Mama Talks facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Instagram, Youtube, & website

Results from lactation cookies will vary from woman to woman. 


15 thoughts on “Struggling with low milk supply? Read about this giveaway then!

  1. I would like to buy some cookies
    Sorry I don’t see a link to place an order
    Can you please tell me how to place the order?
    Thank you,

  2. I have had a terrible time producing for my little one…I would love to try these and see if they are the miracle workers everyone says they are! 🙂

  3. Just got my first order of these and fingers crossed that they help up my supply. I have been supplementing in the afternoons when my supply is lowest and I’m hoping to be able to be able to pump more than an ounce or two and actually store some breast milk before heading back to work .

  4. Could really use these to help with my milk supply! I have tried everything else and nothing will help. My son refuses to latch but I am determined and refuse to give up!!!

  5. Trying to make time to pump with 3 little ones is hard to when I forget to pump my supply goes down so as soon I can I will order some of these or at least learn how to make em home made!

  6. Love lactation cookies!! I had to EP for my first daughter for 7 months so I had some supply issues and made and ate A TON of lactation cookies. It would be great to have these on hand when this little one is born!

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