Boob beanie giveaway starts 12/8/13!

Woohoo! I’m so excited for this giveaway because I finally get to do a giveaway that is sponsored by the one and only Breastfeeding mama talk! Starting 12/8/13 you will be able to enter for your chance to win this Boob beanie. You have until 12/16/13 to enter.


~A while back a Breastfeeding mama talk member gave me this beanie because I shared her page on my page. I’m not breastfeeding currently and I had always wanted to give it to one of my amazing members. The fairest way of deciding which one of our thousands of members will get it is by Rafflecopter randomly selecting the winner.

All you have to do to qualify is have Breastfeeding mama talk facebook page liked, follow our blog , and follow twitter but following twitter isn’t mandatory just an extra way to earn more entries.

The Boob Beanie was developed in Australia by a breastfeeding mum who was sick of being judged for feeding her son in public. In a society where breasts are more accepted as sexual objects than their original intended purpose these beanies aim to get a little of our own back!

Make sure to have our blog followed so that you never miss any exciting giveaway news!!!

Entry form found here- Boob beanie entry form…

~Kristy (Creator of Breastfeeding mama talk)


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