We do NOT attack formula!

Just wanted to explain and make it clear what Breastfeeding mama talk is all about and why we have no desire to bash formula. I’m sick of the constant assumption that just because we support breastfeeding that we hate formula. 



~Kristy (creator of bf/mt)


15 thoughts on “We do NOT attack formula!

  1. I had a really hard time when my milk dried up and I had to put my son on formula at 6 months – but honestly felt a lot of support from other breastfeeding mamas. Everyone has to feed their baby in the way that they can! 🙂

  2. I breast fed both of my girls for about a month but ended up having to stop due to problems with my body and I needed a lot of help from others I am pregnant again now and hope to be able to breast feed as long as the baby needs, I love breastfeeding mamas page, definitely feel the love. And I support any mother that takes care of her babies the best way she can ❤

  3. I cannot actually breastfeed from my boob, I do however exclusively pump. I do think breast milk is the best, but formula is good too. I actually formula fed my first because I was uneducated. As women we need to empower each other, not harass.

  4. I think it’s great that this spot truly is non-judgemental. Its hard enough being a parent, then add on the stress of someones opinion that doesnt even know u or your circumstances makes it harder.

    I have bipolar, exclusively pumped for 6 months then had no choice but to go on meds again. A happy mommy is a happy baby and you should NEVER allow yourself to feel guilty for not breastfeeding so that you can do what you need to make yourself stable for your little ones.

    I used up so much energy feeling guilty about stopping bf’ing but now I look at my happy, healthy and bright daughter and say it was worth it.

  5. I believe breast milk is the best, but formula isn’t the worst. I wasn’t able to breast feed my oldest because there weren’t many nurses at the hospital I was in that wanted to deal with it so I just gave up but I was more than successful with my second and will continue to breast feed all of my children from here on out.

  6. I would never judge a formula fed baby. I recently posted a question on Facebook about the bottles I give with my son (with breast milk) and received so much negativity! Not nice.

  7. I bf, but the first few days at home was having trouble with it, so until the LC could come out if it wasn’t for formula my lil one wouldn’t of been eating, because even my sister who is also nursing didn’t know how to help me, and I don’t respond to a pump very well. But this page has helped me not give up.

  8. This will be my first time breastfeeding my baby but Im pregnant now but I want to breastfeed went I have him I fill like breastfeeding is best for the baby and formula is good to because I use formula for my lil boy went he was a baby but breastfeeding is better

  9. I’ll be honest, I did not watch your video, however I think it’s great we have formula. What did parents do back in the day when formula did not exist? Cows milk? goats milk perhaps? What about if the mommy died during child birth? Anyway just like any supportive person of women’s rights, I also support women who CHOOSE to formula feed. All I can really ask of any woman (about BF’ing) is that she try. Especially in the early days when the baby get’s the colostrum. That’s the ‘good stuff’. I am 4 months solid with Breast feeding my son. i hope I make it until 6 months and then when i make that I hope I make it to a year!!! This Momma is going strong!

  10. I will admit that I get frustrated with moms who refuse to even give Breastfeeding a shot, but there is a radical difference between the mom who had absolutely no support and minimal education and was basically doomed from “go,” and the one who just kept her ears plugged the whole time. I do support moms who tried and had nothing in their favor and no one fighting for them. And I fight.

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