12 things breastfeeding woman hate to hear.

      Breastfeeding, sadly is a controversial topic, so people are under the assumption that they can pretty much say whatever they want about it, and that it wouldn’t phase someone since it’s such a debated, talked about topic. Yet with any other parental topic people aren’t as bold as to put forward their two cents, especially in person. But  when it comes to breastfeeding, people just assume it is a free for all. The truth is some comments do hit a nerve to breastfeeding mothers or those who donate milk. Just like with any other parental topic saying some of these things can really upset someone and effect them in a bigger way than you may think. I asked a group of woman from my facebook page Breastfeeding mama talk to tell me some things that they hate to hear as a breastfeeding mother or milk donor, and boy was I in for a surprise, to see so many responses. Here is a list of some of the pet peeves I felt was the popular choice between the group of girls. 

1.)”Breast milk loses nutritional value after 12 months.”

That should be one of the obvious things you would think everyone would know is an offensive comment to make to a breastfeeding mother. Especially if the mother is breastfeeding a toddler or has plans on letting her child self wean. The truth is breast milk NEVER loses it’s nutritional value and the child having a birthday doesn’t just take away all those great nutrients breast milk offers. The world health organization recommends to breastfeed all the way up to the age of two and beyond. So the next time you see a toddler nursing, insinuating that the milk their consuming at the moment is of no nutritional value, may not be the way to go.


 2.)”Doesn’t breastfeeding make your boobs saggy?”

Breastfeeding is often blamed for drooping breasts, but it’s not breastfeeding itself that causes breast ptosis: sagging is actually the result of pregnancy and other influences.During pregnancy, your breasts undergo changes and grow larger to prepare for breastfeeding your baby. After the baby is born, breast milk fills your breasts, stretching the skin even more. So once the milk is gone, your breasts may appear smaller, less full and even saggy. This can happen whether or not you decide to breastfeed.Okay so there you go you no longer need to point out the fact that someone has saggy boobs or that if she continues to breastfeed she will have saggy boobs, it would happen whether she were to breastfeed or not. But even so when a mother makes the choice to breastfeed you can bet she knows more about it than you so if it does cause saggy boobs, she knows about it already, and obviously doesn’t care.

3.) I don’t get what makes breastfeeding the best bonding experience a mother could have.”

Of course breastfeeding is a bonding experience for both mother and baby and anyone to think or even state otherwise either doesn’t have any kids or is jealous because they weren’t able or chose not to breastfeed their own child. A breastfeeding mother feels a bond for many reasons. For one their baby solely relies on the milk their body is making to survive, if that isn’t a bond, then what is? Another is the fact that baby stays close to mommy at all times especially if she is exclusively breastfeeding and/or doesn’t use a pump. For the most part breastmilk is something only a mother can provide (unless of course receiving donor milk) so that would give a sense of pride. To be able to provide the best nutrition possible that even man cannot create and put in a can. So you may want to tread lightly when saying something that could feel like you’re depreciating what breastfeeding means to a mother. 


4.) Just give him a bottle, it won’t hurt him.”

Breastfeeding especially a newly breastfeeding mother may struggle from time to time. Latching doesn’t always come easy for everyone and the last thing a breastfeeding mother needs to hear when she is having latch issues is to just give him a bottle. Not that introducing a bottle is horrible but that is the last thing you want to do when you’re having issues. It is much easier for a baby to suckle milk out of a bottle then it is from a breast. So if the baby gets used to the ease of a bottle they will have a harder time with getting a proper latch in the future. Most likely the breastfeeding mother already knows this, as it’s the number one thing they tell new moms. So to hear somebody say to just give him a bottle as if it isn’t that big of a deal, best believe that it is a HUGE deal to mom and could potentially damage the breastfeeding relationship. So maybe your intent may be pure, saying something like that just causes more harm then it does good.


5.) Your boobs are huge!”

This is a tricky one because you may feel like saying that is a compliment to a woman. You could be coming from a good friendly place, but face it a new mom, no sleep, baby on the boob every hour to hour and a half the last thing she wants to hear is how big breastfeeding is making her boobs look. Pregnancy can have an effect on many woman in regards to the physical appearance so big breasts as a result you’d think would be one of the best and maybe to some it is but for many others their back aches, boobs leak, & their sleep deprived the last thing they care about is what their boobs look like. Nor do they want to feel that awkward encounter that some stranger or even friend is staring at their ta ta’s. 


6.) Are you sure baby is getting enough to eat? Seems like she is on your breast all day/night long!”

Yes, and I’m sure the breastfeeding mother you just told that to also feels as if her baby is on her breasts all day/night long she doesn’t need a constant reminder from an outsider. Implying that her baby isn’t getting fulfilled by her milk is offensive, even if you don’t intend it to be. The fact is it is perfectly normal that a baby feed every 1-2 and a half hours. Newborn bellies are tiny and breastmilk is digested fast, way faster than formula digests so to someone not familiar with breastfeeding it may seem abnormal but I can promise you it is most certainly normal and it doesn’t mean baby isn’t getting enough breast milk or that moms milk isn’t filling. 


7.)“I’m all for breastfeeding BUT….”

Really anything that comes after a but a breastfeeding mother hears blah, blah, blah. Most likely it would be “but I really think you should cover up.” Of course that is one of the most common annoyances in breastfeeding, yet still day after day people still say it. If mom isn’t using a cover she has her own reasons and she doesn’t need to justify why, it is between her and baby and what makes them most comfortable. So stop saying it because I doubt the comfort of a complete stranger is on a nursing mama’s mind when feeding their hungry baby.


8.)”Oh my goodness, you don’t pump?! How is anyone else supposed to help with feedings?”

This is a common one too believe it or not. A mother choosing to exclusively breastfeed without a pump isn’t doing anything wrong so stop implying that her not wanting to pump is. A mother should be getting praised not beat down over the fact that you wanted to take over a feeding or two, so stop being selfish. She will be having her hands full worrying about baby’s needs and wants she doesn’t need to worry about hurting daddy’s or a friends ego because they can’t help with feedings. If she chooses that route well good for her! She deserves praise not judgments.


9.) ”When do you plan on introducing formula to baby’s diet?”

Saying something like that is implying that breast milk is just a temporary option and sooner or later she will use formula. Most breastfeeding mothers go into breastfeeding wanting baby to only consume breastmilk. And the thought that formula would need introducing would mean that she failed at breastfeeding. (Not that it’s really the case but that is how a mother feels.) Also saying something like that implies that her breastmilk is only the “alternative” to formula when it’s the other way around formula IS the alternative.

10.)  “Wait your pregnant with your second and you’re still breastfeeding your first? How does that even work, is that safe?”

Woman continue to nurse their first child even when expecting the second it really is not that bizarre of a thing. It’s perfectly safe to do. Many mothers not only continue nursing during pregnancy but also “tandem nurse” – that is, breastfeed both their newborn and their older child. Breastfeeding has turned into this taboo thing so it seems like anything seems shocking to someone who is uneducated about breastfeeding.

11.) “When do you plan to wean baby?”

A lot of woman these days are doing the “self wean” approach basically it’s letting the child breastfeed until they are ready to stop, basically not forcing the issue. It may feel like a judgment to someone who isn’t going to wean, and may make her very uncomfortable. Since breastfeeding is such a controversial topic you may not intend to judge or imply things, but I can almost guarantee she will feel you are. Breastmilk never loses nutritional value so I don’t blame them for not wanting to rush weaning.


12.) “Formula is just as good as breastmilk why should I put myself through so much stress?”

Formula to put it kindly is NOT just as good as breastmilk and it sickens me that people actually think that. In fact, I used to be one of those people. Breastmilk offers far more nutritional value than formula does. Yes formula will keep your baby alive and offer baby nourishment, but there is far less benefits to formula then there is to breastmilk. To name a few of these benefits is Breast milk contains immunities to diseases and aids in the development of baby’s immune system, Breast milk is more digestible than formula, protects against Crohn’s disease, protects baby against diarrheal infections, and so much more so many to name that it would need it’s own blog post so I don’t want to steer away from the point of this blog.


I was shocked to see how many woman had something to comment about their pet peeves of things they hate hearing, and most of those remarks came from complete strangers! Although you may not have intended harm if you ever said or implied any of the above it most likely struck a nerve with the nursing mother you said it to. Breastfeeding mothers feel like they are the “outsider” enough as it is thanks to society and their assumption that breastmilk is second to formula. When that is not true formula should be the last alternative.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you would like more information please visit breastfeeding mama talk on facebook.

~Kristy (creator of breastfeeding mama talk)


133 thoughts on “12 things breastfeeding woman hate to hear.

  1. So in other words.. there is nothing that anyone could say that won’t be offensive ,
    except for “omg you are breastfeeding! That’s great! I hope you keep it up!”

    • Yep, that’s right. In the whole 1.2 million words in the English language, those are the ONLY ones you can say without seeming like a jagweed. Or, you know, about a bazillion other things.

    • You’re exactly right! This is MY CHILD that I conceived, carried for 9 months, pushed out on my own with no meds! So everyone else’s opinion (excluding the pediatrician and my hubby’s) is not at all relevant

      • I like how you felt the need to put “pushed out on my own with no meds”. Since you are clearly looking for some sort of applause in doing this, allow me. Clap—-clap—-clap. Feel better? Just because you didn’t “get meds” doesn’t make you better than a mother who does take advantage of modern medicine. I am pregnant with my first child and I am not even going to give “no epidural” a second thought. If the medicine is there why would you want to feel that kind of pain? When women like you post things like this, it doesn’t make women like me think you are some sort of a badass, it makes us think you’re crazy as hell and should probably be highly medicated on anti-psychotics for the bragging rights you have laid upon yourself for opting out of pain medication. It seems as though women like you opt out of epidurals just so you can try to rub it in other women’s faces, you probably go around telling your birth story to people who don’t even ask. I dread it every time I meet a mother like you.

    • I am breastfeeding and hear more than half of these things from my own mother because she formula fed me. Everything she said was very offensive because breastfeeding was a struggle for me. It’s supposed to be natural, but honestly it is hard and emotional and stressful. Everyone goes through stress whether breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feeding. I’m sure it’s very easy to offend someone who is formula feeding, especially if it came from someone who is breastfeeding and there was judgment behind their comments. It hurts to hear those comments from my mom, but I see it hurts her when I say I’m proud of breastfeeding. We are all mothers, whatever way we choose to feed our babies we will always have struggles and hardships. No matter the choice we should empower each other. So yes anything is offensive to a breastfeeding mother, just as it could be offensive to a formula feeding mother.

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  4. I have a 16month baby girl! She was born at 8 months weighting only 6 pounds and I am very proud to say that I’m still breast feeding her! I’ve gotten comments on when am I going to stop because my milk isn’t good to her no more and about the sagging part but to be honest I can care less what people say! Yes it’s rude and offensive comments but I want the best for my little girl! She’s my first baby, and I love the bonding! I love breast feeding her and I’m going to stop until she stops!!

  5. During my first pregnancy my mil used to say put me down comments all the time, she even bought a steriliser and bottles round, granted they eventually got used but I was so upset, she used to tell me ‘Not everyone can do it you know, and it really hurts’! Anyway she was wrong and I could do it, she was clearly just jealous because she gave up with her own children, and it was just another thing she wanted to take over during my pregnancy. Anyway expecting baby no 2 in April & feeling much more confident this time, anyone who questions me will be told to leave my house, I’m doing what is best for MY child, not theirs!

  6. I have some friends that have said “oh just as long as you aren’t one of those women who breastfeeding their kid till they are five!”
    I have laughed in the past and said “oh of course not” or when I’m strong I’ve said “oh who knows” but I just want to say to them- “get lost, it’s my kid, he loves it, read the WHO website on breastfeeding and mind your own beeswax!”


      • Breast milk is way better then the cow milk and juice you apparently think is better then. It’s ignorant people like you,that make the NATURAL bond between mother and child seem unhealthy. How can you call it a hassle? Unless you are one of the people that are put off by taking proper care of your own child. Look at the children that are raised in natural environments, their teeth are beautiful, they are very well behaved and hardly ever get sick. This is because they were raise natural. So stop spreading your ignorance around.

  7. You offended me with #3. I do not think breast feeding is a bonding experience and guess what, I breast feed. I am sure it helps some mothers and babies bond but to me it’s boring and just a part of my every day life. No more special that diaper changes or doctors visits, it’s just what I have to do to keep my baby healthy.

      • Ladies….perhaps you shouldn’t call her a disingenous troll or feel sad for her…she clearly doesn’t feel sad about it so why should you? and I’m sure she has a wonderful bond with her baby whether she breastfeeds or not. The judgement seriously needs to stop on both sides. It’s her right to be offended if she feels so and it’s your right to feel offended by her being offended and so on and so forth…but no matter who is offended by what, please be respectful if you feel the need to voice your opinion. It is possible to voice one’s opinion without being rude or disrespectful or resulting to the juvenile approach of name-calling.

    • Robin, I understand completely!!! With my first I was so uncomfortable. After I FINALLY got him to latch I would have to find something to do to keep my mind off the pain and discomfort. After I was in the habit of that, I wanted something to do just to entertain me. He fell asleep everytime he nursed, I don’t think it was all that interesting to him either hahaha!!!

      • Let’s see if I can lay it out there for you–Lame = stupid, ignorant, clueless, brainless, tactless, annoying, idiotic, malicious, and just plain dumb. People seem to think nursing mothers are fair game for comments and unsolicited advice–and they need to just mind their own business.

  8. Breastfeeding is great and I’m definitely not against it because it’s definitely healthy for the baby. However, for some mothers it’s not something they can do or it’s something they’re not comfortable with for various reasons….and as a mother myself, the thing I hated hearing most was people being shocked and appalled when I said I wasn’t breastfeeding. People made me feel like I was being a horrible mother for choosing not to breastfeed and I felt extremely pressured by everyone except my doctor who had no problem with it because formulas are made so much better now than they used to be. I am a great mother and since it’s my body, I have just as much of a right to do what I want with it as breastfeeding women do. So as annoyed as breastfeeding women may feel about comments, perhaps you should see it from the perspective of others as well before you make your own judgments about non-breastfeeding women. Choosing formula over breast is not a terrible thing and I can assure you that there is no lack of bonding. Maybe you might think twice next time before you make a comment to women who don’t breastfeed. Not trying to offend anyone but I think it’s important for you to see it from the other side before making your own judgments.

    • I’ve also read some of the comments made by others and would like to clarify a few things…I chose not to breastfeed mainly because it’s not something I wanted to do. Secondary reasons included not being comfortable with it personally and needing to take prescriptions and not wanting to pass those drugs on to my baby through the milk. I posted here because I think the debate needs to end. I don’t believe all breastfeeding mothers put down formula feeding mothers or vice versa. I am also not jealous of breastfeeding women because again, it’s not something I wanted to do and I didn’t lack any sort of bonding with my own baby. Breastfeeding is best. Formula is not as healthy as breast milk. I know this. I can read. I was given more education about breastfeeding than I even needed, in fact I probably know more about it than even some mothers who breastfeed. But yes, despite all of this knowledge and education and knowing I would have been supported if I did breastfeed, I still chose not to. It is a personal choice and not a selfish one. If it were the only option and I chose not to then yes obviously that would be selfish because I would be starving my child. Formula doesn’t have all the good stuff breast milk does but it does provide nutrition because if it didn’t, obviously babies wouldn’t be able to survive on it. If you want to breastfeed, covered up or not, all the power to you, that’s your right and your choice and I don’t have a problem with when or where or how you want to feed your child. If I’m uncomfortable by looking at someone’s breast, I have a neck that allows me to turn my head to look away if I feel so inclined, I wouldn’t ask or expect you to cover up or move if it made me uncomfortable. My child is not lacking anything by being formula fed. She is healthy and thriving and doing just as well as any baby who has been breastfed, maybe even better in some cases. Whether you feed breast milk or formula doesn’t make a difference in the end, they’re both going to be equally healthy children at the end of the day. Everything is a choice. Religion, diet, lifestyle etc etc. Do you always choose the healthiest thing to eat? Nope, I guarantee you don’t Are you going to be much better off by choosing a salad over a donut in the long run? probably not unless donuts are the only thing you eat. Everyone’s body chemistry is different…the healthiest people who make the best and healthiest choices can end up being the ones who get cancer and die at a young age while someone who eats terribly, smokes, drinks, takes drugs and numerous other things that aren’t healthy could end up living into their 80’s and 90’s or longer. Do you drive a car or have you ever driven in a car? don’t you know that is unhealthy for the environment? yes you do but are you going to walk everywhere all the time no matter what because it’s the healthiest thing to do for you and the environment and is clearly the best possible choice? nope probably not! Everyone is different, everyone makes their own choices and people should respect that no matter what. Lack of respect for the choices of others and taking extreme views on issues is the reason why there is war in the world. What some people view as right there are always others that will view it as wrong and there will always be disagreement. So be it. Disagree. But don’t disrespect others for disagreeing with you.

      • Haha Megan! I can tell you get the judgement from others for not breastfeeding your child. I can tell by your huuuge comment! I tried BF and it didn’t work out for us. 😦 it IS the most healthy thing for her and wish it worked out. I am now an expert on HOW to breastfeed, but don’t actually BF. LOL I know where you are coming from! You are not alone! 🙂

      • What a shitty world we live in now, where there’s a choice to feed your baby man created chemicals versus what God and nature intended. This us why humanity is failing.

    • totally agree!! breastfeeding is good and certainly the best, but if it doesn’t work out, no mother should feel less ‘good’ of a mother because she chose not to. Just like breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t be judged on their choices, neither should a bottle-feeding mum! And no breastfeeding mother should feel holier than a bottle feeding mum!

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  10. I have 3 children and I NEVER breastfed any of them….NOT because I didn’t want to or think it can be a great thing but because the first baby would not and could not latch on despite 2 days in the hospital of trying and finally having to bottle feed and the fact that I worked 60 hours a week to bring home the cash needed to feed and house a family!!! I worked 60 hours still through the WHOLE pregnancy and back to work with baby only 72 hours after birth so yea, I kind of am a badass even though I did not get to breastfeed. Baby 2 came along and guess what, I still worked 60 or more hours per week and despite trying, she was not taking it either….maybe I am just not made for breastfeeding but I AM NOT LESS OF A MOM OR WOMAN. I again worked up to day before giving birth and never whined about how hard it was being pregnant and went back as soon as I could because I did not have maternity leave and couldn’t afford not to. Third baby came and I knew the drill, wouldn’t take the boobies and had to work too much. I have a wonderful relationship and I had an amazing bind with all 3 of my girls without it.
    Soooooo to make myself clear, I thing it is wonderful when a mom can sit back and take time off and breastfeed but you are not less of a woman or mom if you cannot because you need to take care of your children in all other ways financially and other!!! Bonds are made in many many ways between mom and child and this is not the ONLY way. Just saying!

  11. The thing that I hate hearing is breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed, you have to breastfeed and some even imply those who don’t breastfeed are bad mothers. I breastfed my son for 3 months and my daughter for 4 months, and after that I had no milk. With my son it was miserable because I was a first time mom and my son was 3lbs and couldn’t keep his body temperature up and had to stay in an incubator. I pumped and the pump tore up my nipples. When my son was three days old, I finally got to nurse my baby with my bleeding nipples. I cried as I fed him every two hours as we stuggled with latching problems. I had to continue to pump so he could have breast milk mixed with for fortifier and a high calorie special formula. That’s what his pediatrician said was best and I wanted to do what was best, just like all the mothers who breastfeed because it’s what is best for their children. Obviously, these challenges hurt my milk supply. When I had my daughter just under 15 months later, I tried nursing again and was so excited that dispite the discomfort, I was able to nurse!!! However, after 2 months, by baby was starving to death on my breast milk. I continued to breast feed but topped off 2 feedings each day with 2oz of formula, as my pediatrician recommended. I didn’t have a choice, my milk did not provide the nutrients she needed. I know it was me, it was that time, it may not ever happen again, but with her, with me…it happened. And 2 months later…no milk. In addition, half the time I nursed my daughter and everytime I nursed my son I was in pain and uncomfortable. I had bonding time while nursing my daughter, but just frustration and exhaustion while I nursed my son. I bonded other ways. My mom had 3 kids and the 2 she nursed for a short amount of time are more healthy than the one she nursed for 13 months. He has allergies, athsma, and chron’s and has always been more sick then the other two of us. I applaud women who are able to nurse, who choose to nurse. Good for you!!! I personally wouldn’t nurse my child past 2 I don’t think, but I envy those who nurse their 5 year old when I couldn’t make it to 5 months. Now that I have been better educated about breastfeeding I am ready to try again and feel like I would now be able to overcome the challenges I faced before. EDUCATION IS SO IMPORTANT!!! I am so grateful for what breastfeeding advocates do. Just please PLEASE be considerate of those of us who would have loved to have been a breastfeeding mom but couldn’t, for whatever reason. It does no good to fight for the acceptance of breastfeeding only to put other women down.

  12. So people think if you opt for no pain meds that your doing it because you want people to think your better or more tough. Has anyone concise red that there are people who might be more afraid of the procedure to get the pain meds then to just go threw child birth. I don’t want a needle in my back agin that’s why I don’t want an epidural not because I think I’ll be a better mom. I realize that a lot of us posting on here are probable very hormonal but that’s no excuse to bash each other. Everyone has an opinion and everyone needs to try and have a little respect and think befor they type.

  13. What could be better than breastfeeding a child? I myself have breastfed all three of my children. I got pregnant with my third when my second was just 6 months and started making less milk (thankfully I had months and months of it stored in the freezer) and now at 19 months she still will only drink breast milk. I think many woman choose what works for them but I feel that this is the best thing for my children. I think that if everyone gives it an honest try, they will get the hang of it and be proud of themselves for doing what is best for their babies. I understand there are extenuating circumstances that prohibit mothers from giving their babies breast milk but I do think a lot of women give up too early. Becoming a mother is difficult. Learning to breastfeed is frustrating. I have a baby that was tongue tied and that was the worst pain I had ever experienced breastfeeding. And the nurse at the hospital just kept insisting I was doing it wrong. The second she had it clipped (at the pediatrician a week later the problem was solved. Two of my babes are lip tied and that causes a little pain but nothing I can’t handle. When I think about the benefits I am giving my babies it makes all the other stuff worth it. Sore nipples? Constant feeding? Biting when they start to teeth? No problem, because as a mother, I would do anything and endure anything for my children. I will admit, feeding two babies at once can be time consuming. I nurse one several times a day and pump for the other now that she is 19 months. But that’s about 60 oz. a day and you know what that equals? exhaustion. But we’d do anything for our kids right?

    Thanks for writing this, follow me, I have some crazy mom stories as well.

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  21. You really should think before you speak. This post was not only ignorant, but offensive to mothers every where. Not every woman is physically able to breastfeed. It’s not considered “failing” as you put it. The inability to do something does not mean you failed. It simply means you are not meant to do it. I tried until my nipples bled. I cried for hours when it finally hit me that I would have to formula feed instead of breastfeeding. So calling me a failure is EXTREMELY offensive and rude. Not everyone who doesn’t breastfeed is against it and not everyone who bashes breastfeeding is doing it because they are against it. Some people harbor anger and resentment towards others who can breastfeed because they’re in the position I am where it’s impossible to. Asking questions such as the ones above is how people who don’t have kids, or never wanted to breastfeed, gain their knowledge about breastfeeding. Instead of being a cry baby about it, enlighten them on what you feel the answer to their question is. Too many people bash mothers for formula feeding such as you did, but no one takes up for them. Everyone has different views on the topic due to their personal situation and no one should be made to feel bad for how they take care of their child. No matter how you choose to feed your baby, as long as they’re healthy and happy, that’s all that truly matters. Breastfeeding is no better than formula feeding. Period. I don’t care how many people say it is, it’s not. It won’t make your baby immune to sickness, they will still get sick. My husband was formula fed and I was exclusively breastfed. Can you guess who’s immune system is better? His. So tell me again that it makes baby healthier. You’re wrong and I’m first hand proof of that. It also won’t make them smarter than other kids. I know people who bottle fed and their kids were learning and growing (mentally) faster, and better, than my own niece who is 1 year old and has been exclusively breastfed since day 1. It won’t make your baby any happier. Point, blank, period. It also won’t make them a better baby. I have the happiest baby ever. He’s a month old and he sleeps from 9pm to 9am every night, only waking up to feed. Beat that. And lastly, it WILL NOT give you a stronger bond with your child than a mother who chooses to, or has to, bottle feed. This is everyone’s biggest problem. People automatically assume that if your baby is breastfed you must have a better bond. I’m not sorry to say that this isn’t true. My baby solely relies on me for his food and he’s bottle fed. If I don’t feed him, he doesn’t eat. Saying that breastfed children are the only ones who solely rely on their mother for food is ridiculous. I’m the only one who feeds my son, even though he’s on a bottle, because that is our bonding time. I didn’t bottle feed so I wouldn’t have to deal with feeding him every time, I bottle fed because I had to. It’s ignorant people like you, that assume breastfeeding is the only way mothers should feed, that are causing so many people to bash breastfeeding. If breastfeeding mothers would lay down their guns and stop getting defensive and snarling their nose up every time they see a mother give their child a bottle, then nobody would be getting offended by mothers who choose to breastfeed. You need to educate yourself and stop trying to down mothers who don’t breastfeed. Breast isn’t always the best and everyone needs to realize that. Sometimes breastfeeding can destroy your bond with your child. When you are unable to breastfeed and in so much pain that you dread holding your baby, or having to feed him, to the point where you give him to someone else to hold unless he’s eating at that moment, that’s a sign that breastfeeding is not the best for you and no one should EVER down you for not doing it. I was developing postpartum depression because I was breastfeeding. Now that my little guy is bottle feeding instead, we are BOTH much much happier. So tell me again how breast is the best?

  22. It’s a little ironic that you say these are things breast feeding mothers hate but at the same time put down women who are unable to breast feed! I was unable to breast feed any of my three boys because of an infection and thyroid issues but guess what they are all extremely intelligent and healthy! How about you post an article on how women should support each other in all walks of motherhood because you are obviously ignorant to problems that many women face. Do you think I didn’t want to breastfeed? I would’ve loved to but that jab you had to throw in at the end about how horrible formula is was completely unnecessary and you seem like a pompous bitch. While you are bashing formula moms just remember there are plenty of mothers out there that are very thankful for it! Congrats on being a breast feeding mom, more power to you but screw you for passing judgement on those who can’t!

  23. How true and i agree with a lot of what was said. I am a breastfeeding mom myself. However, what a lot of advocates do not seem to notice is the fact that many who WANT to breastfeed but cant for good reasons feel so bad about not being able to breastfeed. They even blame themselves for it. I think sometimes there is so much arrogance coming from breastfeeding community about how its the best thing in the world. It is. Dont get me wrong. I just wish there is some humility in how we discuss and promote the beauty of breastfeeding. 🙂

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  25. There is a lot of hate speech in this post—on both sides! It makes me sad! We are all women and should be supporting each other no matter what varied experiences we have. I would like to think we are all trying our best. Our breasfeeding experiences are all individualized and not a single person’s experience is like another’s, so it’s really irrelevant to judge—we really can’t, b/c we don’t know their experiences or what they’re going through.
    My personal experience with breastfeeding is frustrating, exhausting, and I end up in having to formula feed. I won’t go into the reasons why my milk diminishes (post would be so long). Countless LLL consultations, lactation specialist appointments, breast-pumps, feeding increases, latch checking, cookies, supplements, you name it, I’ve done it all. The outside person wouldn’t know I have gone to great lengths (with all 4 children) and may wish to point the finger, but a truly understanding person would refrain from it. I am now about to have my 5th and I will again attempt to breastfeed for longer than 2 months. It is frustrating, but because of what I have gone through, it has helped me to have compassion for all mothers. Being a mother is hard-end of story. Let’s all build each other up and let the offensive comments roll off your back–because people that say those things really don’t understand and if they truly did, probably wouldn’t say them! Best wishes to all moms BF’ing or bottle feeding.

  26. I agree with some commenters about us women always bashing other women for one thing and another. When will women all over the world do as men do for their gender and that is, to not attack our own gender members?

    Women we have got to stop attacking each other. Men are laughing. Men can then divide us and conquer us.
    Breastfeeding is for a woman is okay
    Not breastfeeding for another woman is okay
    Working outside of the home is okay
    Working inside of the home is okay
    Being a strong woman who speaks out with a strong voice is okay
    Walking your daughter and son together with dad, down the aisle is okay
    Saying that as a female you are just as important as your husband or male counterpart is ok
    Do not let society dictate how we should feel, what we will do with our bodies, and make rules for us. Stop entertaining these men.

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  28. स्तनपान के लिए सही मुद्रा स्तनपान कराना दुनिया में सबसे स्वाभाविक कामों में से एक है लेकिन इसके लिए सही अभ्यास की जरुरत है। बच्चे को सही तरह से पकड़ना और सहारा देना जिससे वह आरामदायक स्थिति में स्तनपान कर सके इसके लिए धैर्य और समन्वय की जरुरत है।

  29. After I had my second baby I decided to breastfeed, I could breastfeed perfectly! the only problem that I had was that I ended up with droopy breast, so I applied boobpop treatment and started to exercise and now my breast look as pretty as they where.

  30. Goddammit! I’m so poised off now. Everyone knows that breast is best motherfucker! Bi wanna punch a formula-fed baby right now.

    Look, not breast feeding your child is my problem. Everyone knows formula makes babies retarded murders who butt fuck black people. I’m sick of formula-fed retard babies running around. Ahhhh durrrrr I ate formula ahhhh durrrr. Goddamn it makes me sick.

    Quick blaming it in your milk production. If you can’t make enough milk you’re not woman enough—kill your self. You were a waste of cum. I hope you die a snow miserable death!

    Breast is best! If you don’t believe me you can kiss my fat vagina.; I bring the motherfucking pain!!!!

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