The Dairy Fairy Arden hands free pumping bra Giveaway at breastfeeding mama talk


So excited we have another giveaway being held over at breastfeeding/mama talk on facebook. The Dairy Fairy will be giving away one Arden hands free pumping bra with a retail value of $68! One lucky winner for this giveaway! The giveaway will start on 11/27/13 at 2:00 P.M. In order to enter for this fantastic prize you must have both The Dairy Fairy and Breastfeeding Mama talk’s facebook pages liked, The Dairy Fairy’s twitter followed here, Breastfeeding mama talks blog followed here, The Dairy Fairy’s Pinterest followed here.

Details about the prize:

The only nursing bra that multitasks as much as you do! Nurse, hands free pump, and adjust to fit your fluctuating breast size (engorged or drained). You can also adjust each side independently if you have disproportionate size breasts. All this while being comfortable and looking beautiful! Your fairy wish come true! Winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter and will be notified by email. All entries will be verified, The winner will then have to contact The Dairy Fairy to select size and color and give shipping information.


Straight from The Dairy Fairy’s about section on their Facebook page:

Once upon a time a little princess was born to her loving mother. The mother wanted to give her daughter everything, starting with breast milk to help her grow big and strong. Then one day the mother had to go back to work, to a place far, far away called the office. The mother was forced to strap herself into a medieval looking contraption so she could pump breast milk for her daughter while sending emails on her computer, oh no! The mother knew there must be a better way to enhance the pumping process with a bra that could provide the benefits of being able to breastfeed, hands-free pump, ensure comfort and good fit, as well make her feel sexy and attractive. There just had to! The mother thought and thought and thought, then she sketched and sewed and one magical day, the Arden bra appeared. At last, an all-in-one solution with easy sizing, convenience and support for hands-free pumping! And when the mother looked in the mirror, mirror on the wall, she loved that in the Arden bra she looked fairest of them all. The mother thought to herself, why stop with just one great breastfeeding idea? And soon, an entire realm of supportive products was born. The new mother loved her helpful creations so much, she couldn’t keep them all to herself. There must be other mothers out there who want to care for their little princes and princesses just as much as she did, she thought. So, the loving mother got a cute Arden all in one nursing bra  and is now, over the magic of the internet, able to share her breastfeeding innovations with other mothers across the land…so they can all pump happily ever after.


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64 thoughts on “The Dairy Fairy Arden hands free pumping bra Giveaway at breastfeeding mama talk

  1. Im currently pregnant with my second baby to start bf I tried with my first and only did it for two months I so wish i stuck to it and didnt give up. I love this blog

  2. I def need something hands free! I have to exclusively pump and my son is just over 3 months old and pumping feels like it has taken over my life. I am determined to provide breastmilk for my son until he is one but I have to remind myself and give myself a peptalk everyday!

  3. Tomorrow marks 1 year of breast feeding my 2nd child & number 3 is due this summer. This would help this busy, working mom out a lot!

  4. Due with my second child in April. I breastfed my first for a little over a year. The hands free bra would make going back to work so much easier!

  5. I have never heard of these but I looked them up and they seem like they would be amazing and perfect for me. I usually have to sit with one hand on the pump to pump the entire time but with a hands free nursing bra it would make my life so much simpler. I would really love one of these.

  6. This would be so great. I had to return to work after 6 weeks and have seen a huge drop in my milk production. This would so help add in a couple more pumping sessions during the day!

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