Boob beanie giveaway coming soon!

You want to win this booby beanie? All you have to do is enter and it could possibly be you! I have amazing members so this giveaway is brought to you by breastfeeding mama talk! We are trying to get more blog subscribers so all I require for your entry to count is to follow our blog! It’s that simple, because we don’t want you to miss anything, we have so much to still to blog about! Here is the Beanie that will go to one of our lucky members!!!



26 thoughts on “Boob beanie giveaway coming soon!

  1. I didn’t realize how popular this would be!! This boob beanie was given to me by a member awhile back to thank me for sharing her business on the page. I had always wanted to give it to a member as a ‘giveaway” but couldn’t figure out how to do it. Well I got the rafflecopter app and it’s pretty cool it verifies the entries for me and randomly selects a winner for me. Boob beanies are definitely a must for giveaway’s in the future !

  2. please pic me, i would love this for my 3month old
    breastfeeding mama and proud…my 2 and a half yr old was breastfed with solids until she was 20months old

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